Agri3 Fund


The Global Environment Facility finalizes USD 13.5 million investment in AGRI3 Fund

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has finalized a USD 13.5 million equity investment in The Sustainable Trade Initiative’s public-private partnership, the AGRI3 Fund, to enable increased finance mobilization for sustainable agriculture and forest conservation activities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The GEF’s participation in AGRI3 has been secured through Conservation International (CI), a GEF partner Agency. 

AGRI3 Fund and Rabobank launch new initiative - Renova Pasto in Brazil

The  Renova Pasto initiative, delivered through a partnership between AGRI3, Rabobank and IDH aims  to scale up financing for the restoration of degraded pasturelands and to
accelerate the protection and restoration of critical forest ecosystems. 

Promoting regenerative practices for sustainable agriculture

AGRI3 Fund and Rabobank close USD 20 mln deal in Brazil to promote regenerative practices and support a transition to sustainable agriculture. 

LSE Just Nature Report

The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment, established by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), has published a report on Just Nature – How finance can support a just transition at the interface of action on climate and biodiversity.

AGRI3 Fund features in the report as an example of a fund enabling sustainable agriculture through blended finance.

Rabo Partnerships Impact Brochure launched

AGRI3 Fund is delighted to feature in the Rabobank Partnerships 2020 – 2021 Impact Brochure.

AGRI3 Fund and IDH launch second Sector Paper

AGRI3 Fund, in collaboration with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiativehas published a sector paper focusing on Indonesia. The Sector Paper was developed to support the mobilisation of funds from commercial banks to finance forest conservation and sustainable agriculture in Indonesia. 

AGRI3 Fund partially guarantees a USD 13 million, 10-year loan for Agriculture Producer in Brazil to restore degraded pastureland

The loan agreement with Rabobank Brazil will finance the conversion of a degraded pastureland area in the State of Goiás into a new production site with substantial restoration and conservation of native vegetation as well as the implementation of modern and sustainable production techniques. 

AGRI3 launches Sector Paper focused on Brazil

AGRI3 Fund, in collaboration with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative has published a Sector Paper on Brazil which highlights critical interventions and financing, including intervention areas and examples of potential financing models to mobilise finance in the Brazilian soy and beef sector.

Euromoney Article with Rabobank's Chief Executive Wiebe Draijer

“We need new types of finance and solutions to facilitate change in the supply chain… Draijer points to Rabobank’s $1 billion AGRI3 Fund, launched last year, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme” Wiebe Draijer.

World Economic Forum Release on IFACC

AGRI3 Fund is proud to be one of the founding members of The Innovative Finance for the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco (IFACC) initiative.

An exciting day for AGRI3 Fund at COP26 as part of the ClimateShot campaign

The ClimateShot campaign encourages innovation in financing to support the scaling of private sector-led solutions for people, nature and climate

Fellow ClimateShot allies: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development OfficeCDC Group plcRabobankClarmondial AGAcumen, AGRI3 Fund, Shell FoundationresponsAbility Investments AGSyngenta Foundation for Sustainable AgricultureConvergence Blended FinanceAceli AfricaMirovaAgDevCo60 DecibelsScale for ResilienceFinancial AccessandGreen FundSail VenturesInjaro Investments LimitedCommon Fund for Commodities and more…

Discussion Paper - Scaling up critical finance for sustainable food systems through blended finance

AGRI3 Fund is showcased as a funding setting an example in the sustainable food systems space.

Responsible Investor Article with IDH

AGRI3 Fund’s Technical Assistance Facility Manager IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative features in Responsible Investor on the use of blended finance to address the climate financing gap.

The Green Finance Institute publishes the Dasgupta Review: A Pathway for Action for the Financial Sector

AGRI3 Fund features as a blended finance best practice through de-risking and catalysing transactions that actively prevent deforestation; stimulate reforestation; contribute to efficient sustainable agricultural production; and improve rural livelihoods.

Convergence and SAFIN publish report on Deploying Blended Finance to Mobilize Investment at Scale in Food and Agriculture 

Rabobank closes transactions with de-risking by AGRI3 Fund

Rabobank, the bank specialized in financial solutions for agribusiness, in partnership with the AGRI3 Fund has just closed two transactions with de-risking by the Fund. The AGRI3 Fund, initiated by UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Rabobank, facilitates collaboration between public and private parties and aims to unlock USD 1 billion in capital to speed up investment in farms that pursue more sustainable practices, including forest protection and improving rural livelihoods.